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Re: I Corinthians 11:1-16
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 16:17:15 -0500
"Mark J. Ward" <>
To:, Don Martin <>

Mark J. Ward to Don Martin and the list:

A good Saturday to Don Martin and the listers!!! I am also enjoying this
study/discussion very much, Don. I hope the readership is, as well. I
believe God is very pleased when we study differences together in the
proper spirit...and the devil is very displeased. I like that!

I don't mean to be ~slow~ (in response OR in understanding your answers
<g>), but I do need clarification, Don, on your answer to Question #3.
Please excuse me, if I just missed your answer. I could have possibly
worded the question <g> better, as well???

My question was rather long, but I want to know, specific to ~each time~
the words "man", "his", "he", & "woman" are used in verse 7, in
particular, of I Cor. 11, if they are ONLY referring to either "an
inspired only PROPHET" or "an inspired only PROPHETESS"? Thanks.

In response to my question Don did write:

The particular man (aner) of verse seven is the man under consideration,
the praying or prophesying man (the prophet).


Again, though, the man and the woman under consideration in the specific
set of circumstances, is the man and the woman
of the text, the praying or prophesying man or woman.

Mark here,

Don, I think this is a YES (particular to each time those nouns and
pronouns are used in verse 7), but I don't want to put forth a
comprehensive email (possibly tomorrow or Monday) and miss your intent
here on this answer (especially on the prophetess only vice every woman
in the last phrase in verse 7 specifically). I am NOT asking if there
are any other verses in the Bible that might teach that "the woman is
the glory of the man" right now...I am asking about verse 7...if the
true meaning (according to your belief) is that THAT verse is teaching
"...but the ~inspired only prophetess~ is the glory of the ~inspired
only prophet~." Thanks.

If you don't wish to use up a post today to simply say YES (I noticed
that you are engaged in another discussion or two <g> ) you could write
me a "yes" via direct email and I will include it in my we
trust each other as good brethren...your call). But, if your answer
involves MORE THAN just a "yes", please use a post to allow the
readership to see your complete answer. I am working on tomorrow's
bulletin, class lesson, and you won't be behind or slowing
down the study <g> in either case.

Again, I am happy with your good attitude in this discussion and happy
you care enough to take the time to engage in this study (it shows your
interest in the souls of all involved and in truth and righteousness). I
believe you have departed from proper interpretation in the text, of
course, by veering away from the "every man" and "the woman" (that we
agree upon) in verse 3...with your assumptions regarding "special women
exclusively" rather than "every woman" in verse 5 and "special men
exclusively" rather than "every man" in verse 4...along with your
assumptions about the cultural climate of that time period (where is
this found, Don, in the Holy Writ???) as opposed to seeing that Paul was
NOT regulating/correcting something specific to the time of spiritual
gifts exclusively, but was giving God's New Testament instruction for
every man and every woman in this dispensation; and further, that
"praying", for example, is not "miraculous ONLY prayer". (Diagram that
sentence English teachers <g>).

Thanks for your continued patience with me in this study and for trying
your best to prove your view.

All the best,
Mark J. Ward
The Religious Instructor
The Golden Isles church of Christ

(from MARS-List 3837, January 25, 2003)



[Editor’s Note: This is one of the most in-depth, comprehensive studies between two brethren on the issue of whether "the spiritual gifts view" of I Corinthians 11:1-16 is true, or whether God requires women today to cover their heads with an artifical covering whenever they pray. We hope all readers will continue to study all Bible topics with open minds, willing to conform to God's Truth. Thanks for reading! - Mark J. Ward]

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