SALVATION.....What Does the Bible Say?

I am pleased to present this issue of The Religious INSTRUCTOR for June 1998. This will be a great issue for all to read. Please refer others to this issue, even in future months and years to come (the good Lord Willing and life permitting!).

The subject of eternal salvation is of paramount importance to all people alive today. This is more important than anything else we could possibly think of (Mt. 16:26). This will continue to be the case as long as (1) the world stands and, (2) we are alive and can do something about our eternal destiny (Acts 2:40; 22:16).

Below are the articles and the authors for this issue. As always, we continue to deal with important Bible subject matter. We strongly encourage open dialogue with those who disagree with the teaching found here. This is an "open forum" web site for Bible discussion and instruction! We have asked some who disagree to put forth their views in a discussion format. We will continue to wait and see if they will. The consequences of where we will be for eternity are far too great to "sweep this issue under the rug" and ignore it. "Come now let us reason together" on this and all other religious subjects over which there is disagreement!

God's Part in Salvation - by Mike Merritt
Solely by Faith? - by Thomas N. Thrasher
How does one become a Christian? - by Patrick T. Donahue
How do Christians receive the forgiveness of sins? - by Drew Hall
Can a Christian sin and be lost? - by Mike Johnson
Faith - by Nick Law
Repentance - by John Hains
Confessing Christ - by Dick Ward
Water Baptism - by Patrick T. Donahue

Thanks for the comments from those who read and study regularly. We will gladly discuss the Bible with those with whom we disagree. There are many false teachers who are NOT teaching God's "whole counsel" on the subject of salvation for the alien sinner (Acts 20:18-27; Gal. 1:6-9; I Tim. 4:1-3). Please read and consider the teaching found in this issue. We must obey God and not the teaching of any denomination or "pastor" per se. Let God be true (Rom. 3:4)!    -- mjw

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