Chapter Studies...

Luke 15

by Mark J. Ward

In Luke the 15th chapter, we find the parables of the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son. Many wonderful lessons can be learned from this good text. Let us examine just a few of the lessons and all make application to better ourselves spiritually. The reader is encouraged to read the entire chapter at this time.

In the case of the coins, the woman used effort to bring back the lost! She is said to have swept diligently...she lit a lamp (expending oil which costs money) in order to search for that which was lost. The coin had VALUE...and was better saved than lost. What a waste when we lose money!

In the case of the lost sheep, it was "only" 1% of the flock! That would mean that the Shepherd had 99% in the fold! Why bother looking for 1%? If we drop a penny these days, do we bother to bend down and pick it up? Nowadays, if we have a few pennies within the change we are given when we make a purchase, we are probably inclined to leave the pennies in the "penny holder" for others to use because we don't want to be bothered with carrying them around. NOT SO in this case! And check out the response when the "lost" was found! There is much rejoicing in heaven over "one" that leaves the "lost" and joins the "saved"! Our souls are the most precious possession we have. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? See Matthew 16:26ff.

When we read the case of the "prodigal son", our hearts are a little more inclined to be concerned. After all, we are not talking about some coin (10%, in the illustration) or some sheep (1% of the flock in the example given). We are talking about a son! Maybe, 50% of the father's offspring was lost in this case! But notice that the son "came to himself" and was willing to turn from wrong and head toward doing right. He made the confession to his father that he had erred. What a lesson for us today! Are we willing to admit when we err? Do we make things right like we should? The mere passing of "time" does NOT remit sins!

Are we concerned enough about those around us who are lost to do anything about it??? Let's put some effort into sowing the Seed of God's dear Son! Think about it.  --mjw

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