By Mark J. Ward

This month's issue is on a very good subject: The LORD's church.

Many thanks to the authors who have given of themselves to produce good study material for us to consider on this matter. Are you religious? If you are, you need to be constantly concerned with practicing New Testament Christianity as found in God's Word, as opposed to choosing the "religion" of your choice.

God's eternal plan includes the salvation of men by Christ...We must come to God on His terms and are to be His servants. Servitude necessitates following the Master, and not changing or deviating from His Will.

Many people today are religious, but wrong, in their religions. Many who claim to be "Christians" are actually NOT, in the truest sense of the word as used in the New Testament. Many folks worship God unacceptably. But, John 4:24 teaches that we must worship God in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. The ONLY way we can find this TRUTH is through a proper study and understanding of His Word. "Close enough" is not what God wants.

The word church is used in the Bible in a number of ways. We have chosen to look at but a few of them in this month's issue. We are to be concerned with the church of the New Testament. Please give careful thought and study to the articles. Take God's Word and let it be the sole Standard by which we all live our lives. God bless us in all that is right and may we unite on Truth; also, may we be defeated in what we do that is wrong. I pray that we might stand on God's truth and be pleasing in His sight! Thanks for reading!

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