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Reflecting on 1999
by Mark J. Ward

1999 was a great year for some. It was a terrible year for others. Some things we had control over. Other things were beyond our control. Take some time to reflect on the year.

Mistakes Were Made

All of us made mistakes in 1999. Some were small; others were of great consequence. Some of the mistakes were sinful. These carry the greatest potential for damage. Scars of sin may remain, but we can do something about sin in our lives! The devil (our enemy) would have us do nothing about our sin, after all he desires us to be lost. Our God in heaven would have us to seek forgiveness as outlined in the pages of His Word! After all, God is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance.

How did I face my mistakes? Did you try to hide from yours? Or, did we learn valuable lessons from them, seek forgiveness for those that were sinful and put them behind us in order to move forward. One terrible mistake is to try to carry the "baggage" of mistakes that we have corrected with us as we move forward. Don't burden yourself with sins of the past that have been remitted! Move on in the service of the King!


It is great to consider the wonderful things that happened in 1999. Personal goals and achievements, even spiritual accomplishments are wonderful to ponder and reflect on. But beware that we do not "rest" on our laurels! Don't let the devil deceive you into "taking a year off" or "slacking up a bit" on spiritual activity! Let's learn from the good that happened in 1999 and see if we can improve upon it. And remember, its GOD that gives the increase. We are to sow the seed, plant and water.

A New Year is Coming

Lord willing, most of us will live on into the year 2000. The year will be largely what we make of it. Physical and spiritual activity is a choice! What will I make of the opportunities ahead? Do you have plans to improve spiritually? I wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year. Don't let doors of opportunity pass you by!

Thanks for reading. - mjw

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