The Golden Isles church of Christ

Where Christ and Christians Meet


The Christians that meet at 441 Touchstone Parkway in Brunswick, Georgia make up The Golden Isles church of Christ. The Bible is the rule of faith and practice...our guide in spiritual matters. Won't you please consider visiting the services on Sundays or Wednesdays? Please read other material at this web site and feel free to contact us.

Mark J. Ward - 912.269.7637

A Warm Welcome Awaits You...

The Christians who meet at the Golden Isles church of Christ will be happy to have you visit. You will find the folks friendly and engaging. Not only is the weather nice in the Golden Isles, the southern hospitality that awaits you is like none other. Brothers and sisters in Christ worship God in accord with New Testament authorized activity and do not add to or take from God's Book.

Easy Directions and Conveniently Located....

The church building is located just about a mile and a half from Exit 38 right off Interstate 95 (that's at mile marker 38, so 38 miles north of the Florida/Georgia line and about 90 miles south of the South Carolina/Georgia line).When you take Exit 38, travel WESTWARD on The Golden Isles Parkway (also called 25 SPUR) till you see the sign indicating Cate Road (a left hand turn only). Turn LEFT onto CATE ROAD and travel only a short distance and take your first RIGHT onto OLD CATE ROAD and immediately turn RIGHT onto TOUCHSTONE PARKWAY. The building is located about one half mile on the left at 441 Touchstone Parkway. Please call for directions (912.269.7637) if you need assistance.

Our Times of Services....

The church meets on Sundays at 2-4 pm. The first hour is devoted to Bible studies from God's Word. The second hour the church comes together into one place to sing, pray, eat the Lord's Supper, give (visitors are NOT solicited to give, members are expected to give per I Corinthians 16:1,2 and other verses) and study a lesson from God's Word. You will find the services in harmony with the practice of New Testament Christians you can read of in the Bible. On Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm, the church meets for Bible study. All times are Eastern time.

We would be more than happy to set up a home Bible study if you like. If you have a Bible question, please contact us. Thanks.

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