By Dick Ward

Did you know the premillennialist doctrine of "THE RAPTURE" is false?

The RAPTURE is supposed to refer to a time when Christ will come and take up His people (living and dead) from this earth leaving the remaining people unable to account for their disappearance. As to the time of the RAPTURE, well, that all depends upon which "theory" you follow. There are basically four concepts:

Post-tribulation = the rapture AFTER the tribulation is come.
Mid-tribulation = before the great tribulation but not before preceding events.
Partial-tribulation = only a special group (qualified) of saints are to meet Him in the air.
Pre-tribulation = before the tribulation. (This is the most popular position).

This confusion as to the TIME of the rapture just goes to show it is an unsettled theory even in the minds of premillennialists. Of course, the Bible teaches NO SUCH DOCTRINE!



The RAPTURE theory has some of the dead raised with others left in their tombs. The BIBLE has ALL of the dead raised with none left in the tombs. Please turn to John 5:28,29 and read it! Notice the text tells us the hour (same time for both good and evil) is coming when all (both good and evil) will (1) hear His voice, (2) and come forth! There is neither a thousand year period nor a seven year period between the resurrection of the good and the bad. You can see, my friends, the Bible teaches no such doctrine as the Rapture.


The word "rapture" is not in your Bible. Its primary meaning is "to transport, to lift up, to seize." It is from "rapere", a Latin word. The Vulgate (Latin Translation of the 4th century) uses a form of "rapere" in I Thessalonians 4:17. I Thessalonians 4:13-18 is not a discussion about ALL the dead (good and bad) but is Paul's answer concerning the dead IN CHRIST and the living IN CHRIST at the Lord's return. The context clearly shows the dead in Christ shall rise first (that is, before the living in Christ meet the Lord in the air). Thus, both the dead saints and the living saints will be caught up together to meet the Lord. Nowhere does this text or any other scripture teach dead saints are going to be raised 7 to 1000 years before dead sinners are brought forth from the graves. Nowhere does the Bible teach Jesus is coming to rapture living and dead saints and then bring them back to this earth to reign with Him for 1000 years. The Rapture is a false theory taught by religious men. Reject it.

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