By Mark J. Ward

This month's issue is on a very good subject: The Lord's Supper. Many thanks to the authors who have taken the time to write good study material for us read.

Also, there is a wonderful article from our good brother Eddie K. Garrett, II on his conversion. Who said nothing good ever comes from debates! More people than we may realize have been converted due to truth shining over error in religious discussion.

There are many diverse views on the subject of the Lord's Supper. Religious groups are teaching and practicing varied and conflicting things with regard to this action of worship unto God (Matthew 15:9). There are many unauthorized activities and misunderstandings on this topic....ranging from eating only once a year on "Easter" Sunday, to quarterly observances, to having the membership eat only the bread and not allow them to drink the fruit of the vine, to believing that only those of a "literal 144,000 select group" should take once per year on a Thursday night, to Saturday observances, to daily (optional) observances, and on and on we could go!

Probably one of the most traditional practices within some churches of Christ today is "Sunday night communion" (i.e. serving only those who were absent in the earilier assembly at a later assembly in the same church on the same day). Please give this practice considerable thought and study. Is it really authorized in God's Word? Or, is this practice of man and not of God? If you believe the practice IS authorized, how would a person go about establishing Bible authority to serve one saint who missed the earlier assembly wherein the Lord's Supper was eaten at that local congregation (Col. 3:17)???

Please read the in-depth study of this topic by going to http://www.m6.net/markjward/instructor/second/serving.html. If you have problems opening the file on your computer (it is 47-50 pages in length with charts) please email me. Continue to read and study these and other matters as we are to walk by faith in all we do (Rom. 10:17).

BEWARE! Don't follow what your "favorite preacher" believes on the subject (per se)! There are many teachers who teach contrary to God's Word on this Bible subject. Please remember that teachers today are not inspired men and women. They may be right, or they may be wrong. It is to God's Word, properly understood, that we must make our appeal. Our souls are too precious to simply take the attitude, "Well, I hope my preacher is right, 'cause he said the Lord's Supper could properly be observed by.........(fill in the blank here)......!"

Investigate God's Word and form your own convictions; we will be judged individually and must give account to God for our words and actions (See James 2:12)! Man may differ, but God is "right". Truth is NOT ambiguous! Let us always study with an open mind and receive God's Word on every Bible subject.

Please read and study all the passages on this subject found in God's Word. Enjoy your study! Let's continue to test and challenge our beliefs and convictions in case we find we are wrong in some area of our understanding or practice that we might be able to correct it.

Please read and consider all the articles in this month's issue. If you disagree with something you read, write us with love and express your views. Let's strive toward the proper understanding and agreement on God's Word on every Bible subject. Thanks for reading! mjw

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